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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Is World Opinion finally beginning to see Arafat for what he truly is?

The largest obstacle to a peaceful resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, that is....
Here's some excepts from Newspaper editorials on the past few days...
Jerusalem Post
Editorial, July 19

"All those with fixed notions concerning the Palestinian cause would do well to follow closely the current Palestinian crisis ... While the Palestinians can be counted on to, yet again, blame it on Israel, those inclined to make such accusations should be aware that they will likely ring hollow, even in Europe ...

"Judging by various Palestinian ... pronouncements in recent days, many are focusing on Mr Arafat's political hygiene rather than the broad direction of his policies. According to this rationale, a post-Arafat leader who would be less corrupt and more democratic would be eligible for the succession. Such a view fails to consider Mr Arafat's central choice, namely to mislead so many to believe that he was out to build a state, while in reality he was out to destroy one."
Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Arab Times, Kuwait, July 19
"The PA under Mr Arafat has started crumbling ... The Palestinians themselves have started questioning the need for its existence. Mr Arafat and other members of the PA are not willing partners in the Middle East peace process. On the contrary, they have become a burden ...

"Mr Arafat should quit his position because he is the head of a corrupt authority. There is no point for him to remain in politics ... He has destroyed Palestine. He has led it to terrorism, death and a hopeless situation. He has also divided the country ... All Arab leaders know this fact. It won't be possible for us to gain from the Middle East road map for peace if this man remains in power."
Daily Telegraph
Editorial, July 19
"This newspaper has long favoured a two-state solution ... It is becoming increasingly clear that, as long as Mr Arafat retains his baleful influence, no such solution is possible. Israel has done everything it can to marginalise the old warhorse ... Now, perhaps, the Palestinians will succeed where the Israelis have failed, and sideline the man who has proved the single greatest obstacle to peace."