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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Jesse Ventura for President in 2008 [?]

Rather interesting observation here.

How the Democrats Can Win in 2008

If the Democrats want to win the 2008, they should enlist former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura as their candidate.
Jesse Ventura is a liberal. A real liberal. He is not a Bill Clinton pretend, liberal hick turned slick politician, nor a John Kerry stuffy, east coast, old money, snob liberal. Jesse Ventura is an actual social liberal.

Yes he has some conservative qualities. He is generally fiscally conservative. Jesse Ventura could easily win the hearts and minds of a lot of the "Red" voters out there simply because he was in the Navy, he was a wrestler, a sports announcer, he's a hunter (unlike John Kerry who gladly sacrifices innocent geese so he can get a camo photo op), he's wealthy (meaning he is not going to spend a lot of time guilt-tripping anyone over their money), he not only campaigned on a tax refund, but delivered. So the libertarian conservatives should love this guy. It's only the social conservatives who might have trouble with him.

To Jesse's credit here is that he has actively promoted actual liberal social policies. He is solidly pro-choice, no friend of religion (even vetoed a Pledge law), has stated approval for legalizing prostitution, approves of medical marijuana (and I would guess he would gladly entertain the idea of decriminalizing beyond that), supports public transportation (Jesse is one of the main reasons we have a light rail train in Minneapolis today), and actively supports gay rights (even standing by one of his gay cabinet members who had something of a scandal). His administration was even amenable to public school funding, just not the teachers' union. He has stated opposition to trade sanctions with Cuba.

In short, the man is an incredible breath of fresh air. I would vote for him without a moment's hesitation. Whether I agreed with him or not, I felt knew where he stood on issues and felt that he would stick to his principles. He was a leader, not a poll follower. He was a man, not a politician.

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