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Friday, May 20, 2005

How's this for hypocrisy?

From today's Washington Post:

"...The poll released Thursday indicated that most Americans accept Bush's proposed cuts in future benefit increases -- until they learn that it is his plan. Under the progressive indexing proposal, advanced by Pozen and adopted by Bush last month, Social Security's long-term finances would be bolstered by ratcheting back the programmed growth of benefits for everyone but the poorest Americans, whose checks would continue to rise as planned. Middle- and upper-income recipients would still receive more than now, but not as much as promised.

In the Pew survey, 53 percent endorsed the idea while 36 percent opposed it, with greater support among Democrats than among Republicans. But when Pew changed the question to add the phrase "George W. Bush has proposed . . .," overall support fell to 45 percent and opposition grew to 43 percent. "Bush is a drag on the popularity of his own Social Security indexing plan," Kohut said."[emphasis added]