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Monday, July 04, 2005

A frightening, if unlikely, scenario

(This message from yesterday at some point disappeared into cyberspace.)

Karl Rove is indicted by Fitzgerald's Grand Jury for disclosing a CIA operative's identity and perjury.

During his trial, impeacheable offenses are spoken under oath.

Rather than face impeachment, Bush and Cheney resign. One of Bush's last acts as President is to pardon Rove.

Tom Delay, as Speaker of the House, is sworn in as President, and names Rick Santorum his V.P., thus continuing the legacy of the Bush Administration of pandering to its religious base.

Do I think it will happen? No. Could it happen? Absolutely.


It was just pointed out to me in the comments that Hastert, not DeLay, is Speaker (Hastert keeps such a low profile, and DeLay's in the news so much that I forgot).

So to keep this going, Cheney is sworn in as President after Bush resigns, picks DeLay as his VP, and then resigns right after DeLay is sworn in as VP, leaving him President. (That's how we got Geral Ford, after all -- he was never elected, but named VP after Agnew resigned, then became President when Nixon resigned.)

There was a comment from Rob of

Now how the heck am I supposed to sleep before the Brentwood Firecracker 5K race tomorrow after reading that?
I was thinking that Rove getting nailed for this was a good thing. Crap.It could be worse. Santorum gets the Presidency.... Oh great. I might as well stay up and watch Deep Impact hit on a Slashdotted telescope website.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Happy 4th, everyone.

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