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Saturday, July 02, 2005

You know you're a "godless liberal" when...

  • You don't agree with every single thing that Pat Robertson (or should that be Jerry Falwell?) says.
  • You believe that "family values" means bringing up children in a loving, nurturing environment.
  • You believe that "moral values" means upholding your own moral code based upon the Golden Rule and respecting the rights of other, not jamming your own down other's throats.
  • You don't believe that laws should be passed based upon a narrow interpretation of a minority of the population of the holy document of one of America's many religions.
  • You don't pick and choose which commandments out of the bible to obey as "God's true will."
  • You're a:
    • Catholic
    • Episcopalian
    • Unitarian Universalist
    • Quaker
    • Wiccan
    • Jew
    • Thelemite
    • Muslim
    • Buddhite
    • Hindu
    • a member of any earth-based faith
    • a member of any goddess-based faith
    • a member of any pantheistic faith
  • You celebrate love and diversity, not hate and bigotry.
  • You support the right of women to choose to give birth or not.
  • You support the use of birth control.
  • You support love, joy, sex, and sexuality, without restrictions when all is consensual.
  • You believe in human rights for everyone.
  • You support the true marriage/union of any souls that find partners in life.
  • You believe that wars should only be fought in self-defence.

Please feel free to add to this list by using the "comments" link.