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Thursday, July 28, 2005

George Bush's America -- The goal of a neo-fascist state.

Many (most?) people equate fascism with Hitler's state, and while they are related fascism is more Mussolini than Hitler, and many of the same qualities make up neo-fascism.

Wikipedia defines fascism as any system of government that in various combinations:

  • exalts the nation, (and sometimes the race or culture) above the individual, with the state apparatus being supreme.
  • stresses loyalty to a single leader.
  • uses violence and modern techniques of and to forcibly suppress political opposition.
  • engages in severe economic and social regimentation.
  • engages in syndicalist corporatism.
  • implements totalitarian systems.

Where does this put America today?

The nation/state is exalted, with to the degree that the rhetoric says that dissent is unpatriotic and tantamount to treason.

George Bush is seen as the Supreme Commander, whose policies are not to be questioned.

We've seen the Orwellian speak of the Bush Administration, the extreme amount of documents classified, the attacks on those who try to disseminate information like the Downing Street Memos or question motivations for the War in Iraq or Turd-Blossom-Gate.

We see extremes of corporate welfare, with the pork in all spending bills, no-bid contracts, the "bancruptcy reform." Corporations play a large part in making government policy for their benefits, not the citizens.

We have the (anti-)PATRIOT Act, the (un-)REAL ID, and so many searches that we "consent" to (to engage in basic rights such as freedom to travel) as to render the 4th Amendment meaningless. Citizens are told that their security depends on infringement of their civil liberties. Everything is justified by "The War on Terror."

So, read more about fascism.


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