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Friday, February 11, 2005

Mr. Bush's Personal Accounts (

Mr. Bush's Personal Accounts (

A very good editorial analysis of the Social Security issue.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

National IDs

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February 7, 2005

Action Alert! Action Alert! Action Alert!

*** National ID Vote WEDNESDAY!

This is just the type of National ID monster we've spent years

Congress will vote on it this Wednesday, February 7.

You must tell your Congressman to vote NO on H.R. 418, the
"REAL ID Act."

Here is why:

-H.R. 418 would require the linking of all state driver's
license databases
-- thereby creating one massive database harnessing the private
details of
every U.S. citizen. It also would force all states to
subscribe to the
"Driver's License Agreement," which would make the contents of
database available to bureaucrats in Canada and Mexico.

-H.R. 418 would require all state driver's licenses to have a
machine-readable technology, including a digital photo of the
card holder.

-The database may grow to contain far more than simply
information relevant
to driving. H.R. 418 gives the Secretary of Homeland Security
unprecedented power to dictate what data states collect for
holders. This could include virtually anything, including
and/or eye retina scans known as "eye-prints."

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner's (R-WI) REAL ID Act (H.R. 418) is a Big
nightmare that MUST BE STOPPED. Congress will vote on H.R. 418
Wednesday. It is vital that you contact your Representative
and tell him
or her to NO on H.R. 418.

**Action to Take**

1. Call your Representative and tell him to vote NO on H.R.
418. Simply
dial the Capitol Hill Switchboard at (202) 225-3121 and ask for
Representative by name. Explain that a National ID system will
SAFER! It will only make us LESS FREE. If Congress was really
with our national security, it would strengthen our incredibly
borders. Instead, Congress is really just concerned with
mining the
personal information of U.S. citizens and tracking their

2. Call House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and tell him to vote
NO on H.R.
418 and to use his clout to get his colleagues to vote NO as
well. Rep.
DeLay's phone number is (202) 225-5951 or (202) 225-4000.
NOW! His FAX number is (202) 225-5117.

3. Call House Speaker Dennis Hastert and tell him to vote NO
on H.R. 418
and to encourage his colleagues to do the same. Speaker
Hastert's phone
number is (202) 225-2976 or (202) 225-0600. His Speaker's
office FAX
number is (202) 226-1996.

Because of the shortness of time, faxes and phone calls are
your most
effective tool.


Monday, February 07, 2005

ALG | Editorials

ALG | Editorials

War on Drugs -- and the Bill of Rights

War on Drugs -- and the Bill of Rights: "Though no such bill has yet been signed into law, several state legislatures have considered legislation that would mandate ignition interlock devices in every car sold in the state. New Mexico's version of the law would require all drivers to blow into a tube before starting their car, then again every 10 minutes while driving. Drivers over the legal limit would not be able to start their cars or, if already on the road, given a window of time to pull over. Onboard computer systems would keep data on each test, which service centers would download once a month or so and send to law enforcement officials for evaluation.

The problem, as Thomas Jefferson famously said, is that the natural process of things is for liberty to yield and for government to gain ground. It would take a rare and brave politician to stand up and say that we need to roll back or reconsider our drug laws, or that it's unfair to give accused murderers or rapists more rights than we give DWI defendants. But that's exactly what needs to happen."

Freedom Starts at Home, by Francis A Ney, Jr.

Freedom Starts at Home, by Francis A Ney, Jr.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

I have been saying, for the last 3 years, actually.

Self-Ownership: The Foundation of Freedom

Self-Ownership: The Foundation of Freedom

Great essay on Strike the Root.